Thursday, 30 July 2009

Recruiting the right staff is vital to any business – whether you’re looking for a new Managing Director, or contract staff to complete a one-off order.

Here you’ll find Business Link’s top 10 tips on making sure you find the person you’re looking for without wasting time, money or resources.

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1. Recruitment works best when it’s planned
Like anything in business, a little planning can pay dividends.

2. Write a clear job description
This will help you as well as potential candidates.

3. Write a person specification
This isn’t a legal requirement, but it’ll help define clearly the type of person you’re looking for. It’s essential not to discriminate.

4. Advertise the right way for the right staff
There are lots of ways to advertise for staff and which you choose depends on the person you’re looking for. Whichever medium you choose, consider the cost of the ad compared to the salary and role of the person you need – and make sure the ad is clear, concise and attractively designed.

5. Jobcentre Plus and government schemes can help
Jobcentre Plus provides a free-of-charge service that can help you find staff and advise on the local job market.

6. Employment agencies may already have your ideal candidate
With large databases of candidates looking for work, employment agencies may have already found your perfect employee. If not, they’ll advertise your role, or actively search for the right person. This can save a lot of time, especially for temporary workers as the agency will take care of payment and tax issues. They can, however, be expensive. You may have to pay up to 30 percent of the employee’s annual salary (or equivalent for temps).

7. Choose your application process
Decide how you want candidates to apply and plan accordingly.

8. Shortlisting and interview – the crucial stages
It’s important to set enough time aside to carry out these important stages properly.

9. Other selection methods
You may want to use alternative selection methods to add to your recruitment process.

10. Be aware of legal requirements and potential discrimination. This is hugely important at every stage.