Monday, 28 September 2009

So, you have had the awful news that you are to be made redundant. You have amended your CV and now what? Here are a few tips.

Finding a job is a job. Commit to looking for a job two to three hours per day.

Transfer your skills. Look at how your skills can apply to other industries that may be hiring. There are universal skills that employers will search for such as strong communication skills, problem-solving, project management, etc.

Join various social networking sites and consider blogging to showcase skills, experience and creativity.

Study job postings on-line. Job postings clearly spell out what employers are looking for and employers often use electronic scanners to search for keywords in their job posting so update your resume using some of those keywords should they apply to your experience.

Make yourself more marketable. Consider taking this time to go back to school or obtain a certification in a classroom or on-line.

Stay active. Consider volunteering. Most employers view this as relevant experience and it can help expand your network.

Good luck!