The rules they are a’changin’

The new Agency Workers’ Regulations (AWR) legislation comes into force in October, and they will mean big changes for those of you who take on temps. After 12 weeks of employment, agency workers will gain a lot of the same employment rights as their directly employed counterparts. We are producing a fact sheet so you know how it will affect employers. See our website for more details; we will keep you posted


iPhone interview innovation

The true 21st century candidate can now upskill on the move, with a suite of iPhone and Android device apps available giving bite-size interview training tips to the tech-savvy interviewee. The apps, called “Fit for the Job”, last 15-20 minutes and give candidates the opportunity to pick up a few last-minute hints while they take the bus or train (preferably not the car!) to your office. Click here  for Recruiter magazine’s full article


Minimum wage increase

As you may have already heard, on October 1st 2011 the National Minimum wage will go up again, prompting a rethink on how much you need to pay your staff. For those aged 21 and over it will become £6.08, for employees aged 18 – 20 it will be £4.98, and for 16 – 17 year olds it will go up to £3.68 per hour


Why go local?

Here at Red Recruitment we firmly believe in making the best of local talent when recruiting. An article in Recruiter this May lists several reasons why it’s a fantastic idea. For one thing, it’s a sure-fire way to tap into channels of local customers, as it reflects really well on a business when local people know that opportunities aren’t going to be outsourced. It is also likely to encourage your staff to stick with you, as without a long commute they are better placed to establish a good work-life balance, which is something that candidates often tell us is important to them. In case of the famous Shropshire floods, or long winter snow drifts, local folk will find it easier to get to work than those who have long distances to travel. Finally if, like us, you love your local area, what better way to contribute to its overall prosperity by drawing your staff from the nearest talent pool? Read the full article here


 And in other news…

Dead Good Undies Gets the Bubbly!

In April we sent out an online questionnaire to all of our most recent clients, asking them to assess the service that they have received from us and let us know what they would like us to do differently. For their trouble, those who responded were entered into a prize draw for to win a bottle of Taittinger. The lucky winner was Jane Garner of Dead Good Undies. Congratulations to Jane, and many thanks to all who filled out our questionnaire. Your responses are enormously appreciated; all comments have been taken on board!


Top Up Your Management Skills 

On Wednesday 15 June, from 10am – 1pm Beyond Expectation, Kay Heald HR and Red Recruitment are joining together at the Monkhouse Granary to offer you a unique opportunity to attend a “Management Skills Top Up: Peak Performance” workshop which will give you practical support and advice to help you to manage your most important (and most time consuming) assets – your people. Find out how to set, manage and monitor staff performance, learn how to tackle poor performance issues and have a positive outcome, and discover the coaching techniques you need to harness your staffs’ potential. Contact us to book your place or to find out more about it


Rachael Walks at Midnight

Following on from her great success on the Pontesbury Potter back in March, Red Recruitment director Rachael Stone will be taking part in the Severn Hospice Midnight Walk in Shrewsbury this July. She will be looking for sponsorship to spur her on while she raises money for this fantastic local charity, so do give her a ring on 01743 352222 if you would like to sponsor her. See here for more information on the Midnight Walk  where there are still places to sign up if you would like to take part