Many different factors can crop up that can affect the day to day running of your business.

What if key members of staff fall ill, pregnant or unexpectedly resign? What if your business has a sudden increase in orders? You might find that the best solution to handling these issues is to hire temporary staff to cope with the workload.

The UK has over 1.553 million skilled temporary workers currently making up 5.17% of the UK workforce (Office for National Statistics January 2012) might one of them be the answer to your problems?

Hiring temporary workers can greatly benefit your business and can save you both time and money.  By building a good working relationship with a recruitment agency who specialises in supplying temporary staff, you will know they are able to spot the right people for your company, that not only fit the skills set required but who also match your values and visions – even on a short term basis you do not want your reputation damaged.

Staff can be hired as and when they are needed giving you greater flexibility, allowing you to cope with changes within your business i.e.: employee absences, seasonal and peak periods or special projects.

If you are looking to recruit permanently, hiring someone to fill in on a temp basis allows you to get the work done whilst you search for the right permanent candidate (who might even turn out to be the candidate temping for you) which may also save the potential costs of a hasty, wrong hire.

Recruiting on a temp to perm basis (generally a 12-week period) allows you to “try before you buy” thus allowing you to assess the candidate, in that period with no commitment (although remember that works for the temp too!)

The temporary work force consists of highly skilled workers, with a wide range of skills and work experience; you can bring  specialist skills and experience into your business to assist you with your workloads or projects.

So, if you find yourself in a position where you think you might need some assistance, even if it is sending out a mailing or covering for your receptionist who is poorly, there is potentially a candidate out there who can fit the job spec perfectly and not only that, they can start tomorrow!