It’s amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. Who would have thought Cafe Nero would stock lemon treacle slices made by prison inmates, and it would even challenge their best-selling caramel slice! All this has occurred with Gordon Ramsay’s new TV program, ‘Behind Bars’.

There are approximately 80,000 inmates across the country costing the tax payer around £38,000 a year. The show aims to encourage inmates to focus their energy on getting job ready for their release, with the intention of lowering re-offending percentages. When questioning why Gordon started the show, he stated that he liked a challenge. He explained that in the beginning the inmates would want a break after just 2 hours but by the end, the majority were working 8 hours a day and enthusiastic about their work.

Hopefully they will get the funding for the project to carry on but it just shows with a little determination and drive we can achieve all sorts of things.