They say it takes 30 seconds for an interviewer to make their mind up about a candidate but can your beauty regime really cost you that dream job? Apparently so according to a survey carried out by Debenhams beauty director.

So what do interviewers really think? ……..

Coming top of interviewers pet hates is chipped nails; this is the first thing they notice as you shake hands on arrival and can imply you are nervous or unprepared. If they notice split ends, they may think you are lazy; having smudged mascara they may think you like to party, and wearing too much fake tan can insinuate a love for holidays. The results also showed that interviewers relate too much makeup to being over confident, lipstick on teeth as careless and an overpowering amount of perfume as attention seeking.

First impressions really do count but is this going too far? What do you think?