We hope you all enjoyed taking part in our Christmas quiz, please remember to collect your answers and send them to us by 5.30 on the 19th December. Just in case you missed any of the questions here they all are again.

1) Over which bridge in Shropshire does the annual battle between the Frost Queen and the Green Man take place?
2) Name the 2012 Christmas beer brewed by the Six Bells brewery based in Bishops Castle.
3) What spirit do the locals of Market Drayton traditionally like to dunk their gingerbread biscuits into?
4) He’s behind you – which famous pantomime will be showing in Shrewsbury this festive season?
5) In the graveyard of St Chad’s Church in Shrewsbury lies the grave of one of the characters from a well known Christmas film – name the film.
6) How many glacial meres make up Shropshire’s Lake District?
7) Which Shropshire hill is mentioned in a toast traditionally used in Shropshire especially at Christmas and New Year?
8) What might you hear if you sail over Bomere Pool, Shrewsbury on Christmas Eve?
9) What traditional Christmas event will be taking place in the Square in Shrewsbury on 19th December 2012?
10) In which year was the lowest ever temperature of -26 degrees recorded in Shropshire?
11) Which actor from BBC drama Spooks helped turn on the Whitchurch Christmas lights this year?
12) When did we put this year’s Christmas tree up in the Red Recruitment office?

Please send your answers to admin@redrecruitmentsolutions.co.uk or reply to us on our blog – Good Luck!