A well written CV is vital, especially when there are numerous candidates applying for the same job. So here at Red we have some top CV tips. Remember your CV creates the first impression, make it count!

Remember that employers are interested in your most recent job, so put your current/most recent job at the top. Employment and Education should be listed in Chronological order, most recent first. List your duties and experience in each job, if you just state the job title then employers cannot get an idea of the type of skills you have developed. Sell yourself! Include a personal profile which outlines your qualities and tailor this to the position you are applying for. Here you can include any interests you have, especially if the skills or teamwork involved are relevant to the job you are applying for. Include extra information such as reasons for career change, accounting for any gaps in employment, caring duties and interests. Poor spelling and grammar is the quickest way to get a rejection. It is essential that you are concise and your cv is a straightforward font and format.