What job should you be doing and what should you avoid at any cost?? The search engine Adzuna.com has analysed over 2,000 job titles in order to figure out what the best and worst jobs are in the UK. The ranking was achieved by looking at the positive and the negative factors of each profession, and determining by how much the one outweighed the other.

If you have any linguistic or IT skills then you may be interested to find out that Translators and Web Developers came out joint top of the list, closely followed by Surgeons, Lawyers and Vets. These professions were helped to the top due to aspects such as high salaries and job security. At the other end of the spectrum are Miners, Couriers and Builders Labourers who were pushed to the bottom because of negative factors such as long hours and high-pressure deadlines.

Other lists compiled by Adzuna were of the most/least stressful jobs and those with the most/least promise. For the full list of job titles go to:

The UK’s Best and Worst Jobs Revealed