Believe it or not 2014 is now upon us and, as with every New Year, now is the time when resolutions for the next 12 months should be made. If you are or will be looking for a job then this may be at the top of your list. In order to make this a more realistic goal we have compiled a short list of tips and ideas which should aid you in your job search.
1. Revamp or perfect your CV. This is usually your first contact with the recruiter or employer so it needs to be word perfect and make an impact.
2. Go social. As an extension of your CV create or update your social media profile(s). Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are ideal places for you to showcase your skills and professional experience.
3. Organise your time. Make a plan for your job search and dedicate a certain amount of time each day to this.
4. Do your research. Take time to really think about what career path you would like to follow and research it thoroughly so that you can refine your job search and applications.