Let’s face it, poor old Monday is no one’s favourite day of the week, with the weekend behind you and a full week of work to look forward to it is always hard to pull yourself out of bed. However, Reed is on a mission to improve things and they do have some good ideas, here is a selection of them.
1. If you’re finding it hard to improve your day then why not improve someone else’s? Perform a random act of kindness and make someone smile.
2. Ignore (or at least try to) all the negativity and moaning that is going on around you.
3. Set yourself an achievable goal, either at work or at home.
4. Eat breakfast. I know it has been said a hundred times before, but it really is the most important meal of the day, and having something tasty to look forward to may even make it easier to crawl out of bed.
5. Get up earlier. This may be the most difficult to do but if you manage to make it out of bed just 15 minutes earlier then your morning will feel less rushed and you may even have time to do idea number 4!
For the full article: http://www.reed.co.uk/career-advice/blog/2013/january/top-5-ways-to-love-mondays