Some creative ideas…

Feeling your workplace lacks motivation? Monster Thinking has gathered some ideas from various companies on their best strategies to creatively motivate their team.

  • “At the end of an especially tough client call, long day or spirit-draining update, we find the best medicine is a smile. Whether that comes due to impromptu pizza (diets beware!), each person picking their favourite Will Ferrell clip or a dancing cat gif, it helps us put everything in perspective. Sometimes seeing the bigger picture allows the silver lining to shine through in rough situations.” Kim Kaupe, Zinepak
  • “Our team was facing a real rough patch when we launched a new service platform. We were working long hours and handling stressful client interfaces. One day, during our staff meeting, I asked everyone to meet me outside in their running gear. We did a ‘brainstorming session’ while we ran. It’s amazing how many ideas you can come up with when you get the blood flowing. It’s instant motivation, too!” AJ Thomas, Infuse Entrepreneurship
  • “Nothing cheers us up like a Disney movie. So if it has been a rough week, get ready for some ‘Beauty and the Beast.’” Derek Flanzraich, Greatist
  • “When things get stressful at work, we try to refocus on ‘why’ we are spending our time at this startup. Calling customers has a centering effect: ‘This is why I’m working hard!’ But it also tends to bring a smile to our faces, as our customers — like customers of most startups — tend to be strong brand advocates. There’s nothing to staying positive like hearing ‘I love your team.’” Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches
  • “They say music is the language of meaning, and it evokes a sense of overwhelming emotion. Inspire employees with music — give them more than just a high five; give them a beat. Our company sees few deals a month, due to our niche space. So, when a deal is brokered and the bell is rung, we play some inspirational music — for example, Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust.’ ” George Mavromaras, Mavro Inc. Praetor Global LLC.

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