According to the Guardian Jobs website 82% of Hiring Managers have used Skype and 18% of candidates have experienced a video interview in the past year, this is more than double compared to a year ago. If you are looking for some basic guidance on how to negotiate the potential pitfalls accompanying this very modern form of interview, then read on…

As with any normal interview, preparation is key! Along with all the basic preparation you would normally do for an interview, such as researching the company, you will also need to ensure that the ‘interview room’ is ready. Make sure that the lighting is right and your surroundings, particularly walls, are tidy with nothing embarrassing or inappropriate in view of the camera.

Dress for an interview. It is unlikely that the interviewer will see your bottom half, and it may therefore be tempting not to dress appropriately and conduct the interview in the comfort of your pyjama bottoms. This is dangerous! Your cover could be blown if you need to stand up for any reason, and by dressing smartly, as you would for a regular interview, you are getting yourself into the professional mindset.

Beware of the technical demons. In place of the logistical issues, such as traffic and bad directions, ruining your carefully laid interview plans, the thoroughly modern problems of the technical world come into play. If possible try to have a plan B in case the software or computer decides to play up. Download the correct programme well in advance and if you haven’t used it before conduct a few test runs with a friend to familiarise yourself with it. If anything goes wrong, for example if you cannot hear your interviewer, be honest and tell them.

As with any interview, body language is important; sit up straight, try to maintain eye contact and smile. Concentrate more on the tone of your voice than you would in a face to face interview as this will make more of an impact in a video interview. Make sure that your tone matches the message you are trying to convey.

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