Social Media has become a popular tool for hirers and jobseekers
alike, with vacancies being posted on Twitter and LinkedIn profiles becoming an extension of the CV. It is also increasingly being used by recruiters to research potential employees, with top reasons not to hire a candidate including; inappropriate content, information about drinking/drugs, bad mouthing a previous employer. A respectable online image has therefore become vitally important to a successful job search. We provide some useful advice on how to ensure your online persona does you justice.

  • Log out of everywhere and use various search engines to search your name, then add more detail such as town and email address. If you find anything which you think would put someone off recruiting you delete it or change your privacy settings to ensure this information is hidden.
  • The most obvious part of any profile page is the picture, although this only needs to be a professional shot for your LinkedIn page, make sure that your other profile pictures, such as Facebook and Twitter, are respectable enough.
  • Update your LinkedIn page. As LinkedIn is specifically meant for professionals, any hirer who includes online research in their hiring process will more than likely take a look. Make sure that everything is up to date and tallies with your CV, for example adding new skills, qualifications etc. If you don’t have a LinkedIn page consider signing up.
  • Start a blog. In order to build an online presence consider starting a blog, whether the subject is based on your career or is simply just a hobby. This is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for your particular field of expertise, or to simply make you look like an interesting, well rounded individual. Just be sure to keep it clean and professional.
  • Be careful about what you tweet/post/blog…especially when drunk. Stay away from bad language and try to keep anything you write positive. It is far too easy to use Facebook or Twitter to vent when you have had a bad day or someone has wound you up, just take 5 minutes to think about what you have written before posting, and whether or not you do actually want this to be seen online.