Research shows that more and more recruiters are deciding to ask candidates curveball questions in interviews, if you are currently going through this process it is therefore vital that you are aware of this type of question and understand the relevance of them.cake2

A curveball question is a question that, on the face of it, has no relevance to the job in question, and requires some thinking outside the box. Some favourites include:

  • How do you cut a cake into 8 pieces with only 3 strokes?
  • Describe the sky without using colours.
  • If you weren’t you, who would you be?
  • How many bricks are there in the world?
  • Zombie or vampire?

Those recruiters who admitted using such questions, however, cite some very good reasons for doing so. The majority use curveball questions in order to test the applicant’s ability to think on their feet and to measure their creativity, although others use this strategy in order to get a better idea of personality.

When preparing for an interview, researching the company and industry, and practising answers to general interview questions are most important, so try not to worry too much about the curveball. If one does come up, take a little time to think about the answer and remember that there is rarely a right or wrong answer. If you do want to practice for the unexpected, or just want a bit of amusement amongst your interview preparation, use the Curveball Question Generator to think up some answers.