Google are famous for their ‘fun’ company culture, in fact their London office boasts a cinema, coffee lab, free food and the latest video games. Google have realised that by creating a company culture that is so sought after they are able to attract and hold onto the very best candidates. Furthermore, by blurring the lines between work and pleasure employees are willing to stick around long after their usual home time and they are also more likely to socialise with fellow employees, creating a more harmonious working environment. Although most companies can’t afford such luxuries as a ‘blue velvet clad band rehearsal room’ or even an ‘indoor park complete with trees, deck chairs, a rowing boat with oars, and a Winnie the Pooh’, a lot of these ideas can be scaled down to a smaller budget with a similar effect on potential and existing employees.I love Work

  • Provide food for your employees, either as a regular occurrence or an occasional treat. Some ideas would be catered lunches, creating a snack room, scheduling regular deliveries or for a special event you could arrange a food truck to come to the office.
  • Allergies permitting you could ask your employees whether they would like to bring their dog to work. Dog-friendly workplaces have been linked to increased productivity and happier workers and it also means that dog owners won’t have to rush home to go for walkies. This doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, you could make it a monthly occasion and see how it goes. Just make sure that everyone gets on and is fully house trained beforehand!
  • If your budget doesn’t stretch to an in-office cinema, how about an outing to the cinema? You could put together a committee whose job it is to collect ideas and arrange regular events.
  • Have dress-up days to get those creative minds thinking. Ideas could be as simple as an ‘ugliest tie day’ or if your company involves customer contact you could hold a fancy dress day and ask for charity donations.
  • If you think your employees might get a bit too distracted by having an X-Box in the office, how about a ping-pong table? Something as simple as this can add a new dimension to a brainstorming session and be a valuable stress reliever. It also gives people the chance to socialise with fellow colleagues.