Child InterviewI remember as a young girl in the days when the phone was in the hallway, playing ‘interviews’ with my sister at my Nan and Grandad’s house. I was the eldest so naturally felt I should be the interviewer and my sister the unwilling interviewee. Nan was the receptionist, she would pretend to ring through and introduce the applicant. I had hours of fun, asking my bored sister why she wanted the job, why she wanted to leave her current job, noting her body language and level of enthusiasm. I don’t think she ever got any of my fictitious roles as she really wanted to be playing with her Girls World! I then ended up falling into recruitment in 1998 and have been doing it ever since although now I spend my time writing CVs and providing interview advice. I appreciate that kids don’t play those sorts of games any more or in fact if any other kids did play those sorts of games, maybe it was just me! Thinking about it, a bit of role play at school wouldn’t hurt, let’s start them young so when they do have their first interview they’ll know what to expect.

I may be a little bit of a recruitment geek but I can’t stress enough how important it is to prepare for an interview in order to give yourself the best chance of getting the job. There is a large amount of information online regarding this subject, some of it is a bit long-winded though so I have created a quick reference guide. For those who can spare the time, I have also written a more in-depth guide. Either way, read one of them if you think there is something you’re not quite sure of.

It is incredibly difficult to even get an interview in today’s market with such a high number of applications for each post. If you are lucky enough to be invited in to the meet the hiring manager(s), spending a little time brushing up on your dos and don’ts could be the difference between an offer letter and a rejection.

You only get one chance at a first impression.

Download quick reference guide

Download in depth interview guide

By Meg Murphy – Director of Red Recruitment Solutions Ltd and owner of Red CV Writing