You may think there is no need to impress a Recruitment Consultant, after all, it’s their job to find you a suitable role right? Not exactly. Recruitment agencies are businesses not government initiatives and they can help whoever they want. Their main aim is to fill vacancies and that means sourcing the most suitable candidates for their clients.

Having been a consultant for more than 16 years, I have successfully helped hundreds of candidates secure rewarding and fulfilling positions, because I liked them, because they impressed me and I knew they would impress my clients. My clients who I had forged a strong relationship with over the years and developed a deep understanding of their business, culture and requirements. After all the effort put in to maintaining client relationships in such a fickle industry, I simply would not send the CV of an arrogant or rude candidate, whether they had the required skills or not. If I don’t like them, chances are neither will my client. It’s just not worth taking the risk. As they say, you’re only as good as your last placement.

When you register with a recruitment agency, it is advisable to treat that meeting as your first interview. Dress smartly and impress them the way you would if you were in an interview for a specific position. Recruiters spend a great deal of time forging and developing client relationships and have a huge influence on the recruitment and selection process. If you can impress a recruitment consultant who has a strong link with a number of businesses, they will do whatever they can to secure an interview for you.

Here are a few insider tips to get you on the shortlist:Impress

  • Send a great CV and well-written cover letter with your application. Ensure your contact information is correct and easy to identify. Clearly state which role it is you’re applying for and why you feel you are suitable. Don’t apply if you do not have the specified skills and experience. There is nothing more off putting for a recruiter than seeing the same CV in their inbox day after day for different roles. Be clear on what you want and what you can do, and only apply for relevant roles.
  • Don’t phone the office on the same day or even the day after to confirm receipt of your CV. In many cases, recruiters receive in excess of 100 CVs per day and get through them as quickly as they can but it may take a few days before you receive a response.
  • Save the agency number in your phone so if you receive a call, you can answer in a professional manner. If you don’t have time to chat, don’t answer the phone. Call back when it is more convenient. You may be at work and unable to discuss your CV and future job requirements. Be as flexible as possible when arranging a meeting, you need to show your commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Arrive for the appointment early, telephone if you are running late or can’t make it. Don’t cancel or rearrange more than once. Many roles have deadlines and the sooner a client receives a suitable CV, the better.
  • As mentioned previously, dress smartly in a suit for your meeting so the recruiter can get a clear idea of how you will present yourself to clients. During the interview, explain your work history clearly and have reference details available.
  • Be as flexible as possible when arranging an interview. The recruiter doesn’t want to have to go back to the client over and over again to arrange a suitable time. Ask your consultant if there is any information that they can give you to help you understand the culture and ethos of the company. Prepare for the interview and make your consultant proud!

By Meg Murphy, Director of Red Recruitment Solutions Ltd and Owner of Red CV Writing