You only get one chance at a first impression, and one of the most important first impressions you will need to give is at a job interview. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of being hired or asked back for a second interview it is often a good idea, along with the usual preparations, to conduct a mock interview. This is a great chance to practice your interview etiquette, run through potential questions and receive some honest feedback on your performance. By running through the interview process beforehand it can also help reduce any nerves you may have for the real thing.

PerfectSome tips:

  • Ask someone else to interview you as this will create a more realistic setting and will mean that your interviewer will be able to give you feedback. Choose this person wisely, make sure that they will take the situation seriously, and if possible choose someone who has some knowledge of the industry you are applying for.
  • Unless you are lucky enough to have an expert on the specific position playing the role of interviewer, write the questions yourself as you will probably have a better idea of what will be asked. Do try to make them as challenging as possible though, if you are going to get stuck on a tricky question this is better to happen during the mock interview than the real thing.
  • Time the interview, this will make it more realistic, it will add structure and add a certain amount of pressure to the situation.
  • If you can bear to watch yourself on screen, film the interview. This means that you can identify any issues with your performance and improve on them before you are faced with the real interview.
  • Wear what you are planning on wearing to the actual interview. This is a great chance to test your outfit out and it will encourage you act in a more professional way.
  • The most important thing to remember is to take the mock interview seriously by acting exactly as you would in the real thing, and to recreate the setting as closely as you can. By doing this you will create an atmosphere that is as similar as possible to the actual interview.