Even with the best intentions and the greatest confidence in your employability, looking for a job can be tough. Sifting through job boards, writing countless cover letters and interviews that lead nowhere can all lead to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Staying positive however, is vital in both keeping you on the right track and in proving to potential employers that you are interested in and want the job.Positive

  • Remind yourself why you are looking for a new job and what you will have once you find it, whether this is more money, more time or better opportunities.
  • Keep to a routine. If you are currently unemployed don’t fall into the trap of sleeping in and spending all day in your pyjamas. Set an alarm, dress as though you have somewhere to be and avoid daytime TV/Facebook.
  • Set goals. These can be as simple as updating your CV or creating a LinkedIn profile, or they can be something more proactive such as networking. Once you have set these goals ensure that you take action on them and to your planned timescale, otherwise you will soon lose the will to set them.
  • Take a break from the job search every now and then. It is easy to lose perspective when you immerse yourself in one thing, so make plans, whether it be a weekend away  or simply going to the gym for a bit of exercise.
  • Learn something new. If the endless rejection is getting you down it can sometimes help to add another string to your bow, this will not only improve your CV but it will also increase your confidence and add a renewed enthusiasm to the hunt.
  • Talk to family and friends who are supportive of your job search, whether this is just to lend an ear or to remind you of your strengths and capabilities.

Above all remember that you are not alone, and keep your mind focussed on the end result of a new job and all of the positives that this will bring.

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