If you are looking for a new job, why wait until after Christmas to start hunting? If organisations need staff, they need them now. They are not going to close down until the New Year and put their feet up with a glass of mulled wine. So many people wait until the New Year to job hunt, which makes it much harder to secure an interview due to the additional competition. Many recruiters will actually want to advertise, interview and offer positions all before Christmas, so the new candidate can get cracking as soon as the festivities are over.Tis the Season

With everyone else running around frantically, now is the time to stay composed and prepare to swoop in while everyone else is gazing at pretty lights.

Be prepared

Don’t waste this small window of opportunity by not being prepared. First things first, you must ensure your CV is completely up to date with your current or most recent employment , an email address that works and is delivered to an inbox you check regularly, and a correct phone number. If you have recently relocated, make sure your current address is displayed. There’s nothing more off putting for an employer looking to recruit at short notice, than an address hundreds of miles away.

Prepare a tailored cover letter for each role you apply for. Make the effort to find out the name of the Hiring Manager and address the letter to them personally rather than to Sir/Madam. If you can’t find out the hirer’s name, do use Sir/Madam but make sure you sign off with ‘Yours faithfully’ rather than ‘Yours sincerely’.

As we are in the digital age, you really do need to back up your application with an engaging and interesting LinkedIn profile, which is different to your CV. It still highlights relevant skills and achievements but also displays some of your character and personality. 94% of recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile so it’s important that it is not a carbon copy of your CV. This is your chance to illustrate what you are passionate about, what drives you, and generally how great you are. And let’s not forget, your LinkedIn profile is still working for you even when you are looking at pretty lights!

By Meg Murphy – Owner of Red CV Writing and Director of Red Recruitment Solutions Ltd