The poor old ‘interests’ section of your CV can sometimes feel a bit neglected, with jobseekers thinking that it’s not really important. Obviously there are much more significant parts of your CV, such as employment and education, but paying just a little more attention to what you do during your free time can have a positive effect on your employability.

HobbiesHaving hobbies can demonstrate to an employer a number of valuable personality traits and skills; for example dedication, motivation and the ability to juggle a work/life balance. So rather than simply listing the usual go-to interests of reading, swimming and socialising with friends, think a little harder about how you like to spend your evenings and weekends and consider taking up one of the following.

1. Blogging

Listing blogging as one of your interests can be a big asset to your CV, as it demonstrates to an employer that you are both motivated and dedicated enough to produce something on a regular basis in your own free time. It also shows a sense of independent thought and a passion.

2. Team sports

Apart from the obvious team work that sports can demonstrate to the hirer, listing team sports on your CV can also show a willingness to apply your time to something productive and also the ability to successfully juggle different commitments.

3. Creative pastimes

This can include hobbies such as sewing, creative writing or amateur dramatics. Putting a creative hobby on your CV can demonstrate lots of different personality traits important to employers; it shows that you are dynamic, flexible and are prepared to put in hard work in order to achieve an end result.

4. Unique/unusual hobbies

With a hirer potentially looking at hundreds of very similar CVs, one way to grab the reader’s attention and to stay memorable is to add a hobby to the interests section that is a bit unusual. This can also demonstrate a sense of independence, individuality and openness to new ideas.

5. Volunteering

Volunteering is a big bonus to your CV as it shows both motivation and empathy. Ideally you want something that shows a prolonged commitment to a cause, involving both an engagement with the local community and a desire to help others. By volunteering you also get a chance to develop your skills and it provides a valuable opportunity to network.