valentinesWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it only seems right to treat a potential career as you would a potential date. The Guardian has named a few areas to consider when courting a new employer and how to approach that potential long-term professional relationship.

  1. Be Unique:

As with a dating situation, you always want to stand out from the crowd with how you sell yourself, this is the same when applying for a job; you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd with your application. It is imperative that you show your personality and mention hobbies and interests outside of a professional environment, this shows the employer that you are more than just a job title and qualifications.

  1. Dress up for matchmaking events:

Networking is key in any industry and when attending meetings and events, it is good to think of them as a date. Dress to impress as you never know who you might meet and interact with.

  1. Get to know each other:

Do your research on the person you are meeting; this is something you would do in preparation for a date by having a look at their social media presence. This is no different in a professional environment, check if they have a Facebook/Twitter Page for the company and visit the website to see if there is a profile on the person you will be interviewed by. Once you are in the interview, don’t be afraid to show off your industry knowledge and passion for the role that you have applied for.

  1. Be Honest:

Always be honest on both your application and in your interview. Don’t say you can do something you know you can’t. It is always best to start off any relationship with honesty.

  1. How long should you leave it before getting in touch?:

If you leave it a few weeks after the interview to gain feedback, there is a good chance that the job has already gone to someone else. As with a date, leave it a few days and then give them a call to see how far you have progressed within the process. This shows that you are still interested in the role and that you are fully committed to their recruitment process. Make sure that you only call them once though, as any more could put a potential employer off.

  1. Don’t be lazy:

Yes! You have got the job! Now you have to stay committed to the role even after the initial morale boost has ended. Demonstrate the skills that got you the role in the first place and don’t be afraid to show the personality that you did to the interviewer. This will help to build a strong working partnership.

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