Hiring-ManagerIt is becoming more and more common for a well-qualified, enthusiastic candidate to come back from an interview claiming a horrible experience and not wanting to work for that company. If this is happening in your company, you need to pay more attention to training your hiring managers on how to sell the position you’re recruiting for.

Shouldn’t it be the candidate worried about impressing the hiring manager? In the current climate, candidates have the choice of who they want to work for, which means you need to sell them on the company and their future line managers. The hiring manager is key to this. Here are a few tips on how to help hiring managers create a positive impression, courtesy of Undercover Recruiter:

  1. Teach them how to interview:

Not every manager is great or experienced in interviewing. Many hiring managers are just as nervous as the candidates. Make sure they have solid training on interviewing techniques and the legal do’s and don’ts. Try and include role-playing exercises in the training.

  1. Put a marketer’s hat on them:

They need to be trained on what the differentiating factors are that help your company stand out from the rest and how to position those key selling points. It is important to share with the candidate what makes this company a great place to work. Make sure the hiring manager knows the role the candidate is applying for and how that impacts the company. Give them the “big picture”.

  1. Drill it in to them that the candidate’s experience is king:

It’s not just the candidate who needs to show up on time, the hiring manager needs to as well. They need to be able to provide a positive experience for the candidate, so they need to be positive, invested and able to present to the candidate. The candidate will also be assessing the manager, looking at their management style, that they’re involved, passionate and positive about their work and the opportunities that may arise.

  1. Have them highlight training and development:

Most candidates want to work for a company who is interested in advancing their potential. Hiring managers need to be able to clearly outline career paths, induction support and what kind of career development the candidate can expect if hired. Inform the candidate of performance reviews and how often they will be, what sort of goals will be set and how these are measured.

  1. Caution them not to oversell, however:

It is just as important to not oversell the company, as it is to sell the candidate on the company. Hiring managers need to be positive but realistic; they should not promise an experience that is not going to happen. Candidates will leave a company if they are sold something that does not materialise. Make sure they are portraying the culture accurately and are honest about any current challenges they are trying to overcome.

The more you prepare your hiring managers to be strong interviewers and company representatives, the better the hiring results will be.

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