With the election tomorrow, the manifestos have been in full force for a few weeks now. Now we all know that these can be long and laborious to read, so Fish4.co.uk have broken it down to the key points that will affect the job market and those on the lookout for a new role:


The key points to take away:

  •  Raise the untaxed personal allowance to £12,500
  • Aim for full employment for all those willing to work
  • Use money saved in reducing the benefits cap to fund three million apprenticeships
  • Legislate to keep people working 30 hour weeks on minimum wage out of tax
  • No raise in VAT or National Insurance contributions



The key points to take away:

  •  Three million apprenticeships to be created
  • Help businesses to create two million new jobs
  • The minimum wage to rise with economic growth
  • Scrap the jobs tax for under 21s
  • Raise the untaxed personal allowance to £12,500


Liberal Democrats:

The key points to take away:

  •  Will refocus on sectors like offshore wind power and low-carbon vehicles, as well as green finance
  • Increase the state pension
  • Raise the untaxed personal allowance to £12,500
  • Encourage employers to provide more flexible working, and expanding Shared Parental Leave


The Green Party:

The key points to take away:

  •  Will create one million jobs that pay the living wage
  • Promote gender equality in the workplace
  • Work towards a 35-hour working week
  • Introduce more generous maternity and paternity leave
  • Support unions in their roles as health and safety and environment representatives



The key points to take away:

  •  Create 6,000 new jobs in the UK Border Patrol, as well as the police and the prison service
  • Raise the personal allowance from £10,600 to £13,500
  • The 40% upper tax rate will only apply to salaries that are £55,000+
  • Ban unskilled immigration
  • Allow UK businesses to hire British citizens first

Read more at: http://www.fish4.co.uk/article/elections-manifestos/?cmpid=SM_F_manifesto_220415