The idea of working from home can be the perfect dream for some as it is the embodiment of a work/life balance. Though some will see it as a nightmare due to difficulty to focus and complete tasks, nut working from home can be made easier through maintaining your productivity with these top tips from


  • Work on your workspace

If you’re going to be productive in your home, you have to make your workspace feel like your office. Ensure that you have all the right tools for the job; otherwise this on its own will become a distraction. Create a more formal setting, if you have a desk, use it, this will keep you in an office mindset. There will also be the temptation to nap all day as you’re at home, but try not to, as you won’t get as much done as you want.


  • Plan your time

You have your workspace in place; it’s now time to plan your day. Write a to-do list of tasks and projects that you want to complete before the end of your working day, even apply times to the individual tasks. By doing this, you can get a realistic picture of your day and what you will achieve. This will help maintain the focus for the day and by setting deadlines, it will keep distractions low.


  • Turn off the television

Even if you work better with some background noise and can multitask, your favourite programme will definitely dray you in and distract you from your tasks. You could essentially lose a morning or afternoon or both, so avoid this temptation and turn it off. This rule also applies to social media and news sites, think about whether you would be doing this at work, if the answer is no, then keep this rule for working at home.


  • Take breaks

Working continuously is not a good strategy, distractions are a no no but avoiding little breaks to help maintain productivity is completely different. Build regular breaks into your day or at least a regular lunch break, even if you only go out for a short walk can help reenergise you to continue your day.


  • Work set office hours

Some think that working from home is the same as flexitime but this isn’t the case, you’re at work so work your regular office hours. It is tempting to start a little later or to finish early, but this is something you need to avoid as much as possible, as it can soon turn into a regular habit.


  • Keep connected

One element of working from home which can be a downside is the lack of collaboration and communication with your work colleagues, so make sure you keep connected at all times. Even if you make a daily call to the office, this will keep you well connected with everyone else but make sure you also reply to their emails on a regular basis. If you have made a to-do list, send this through to your boss, so that they know what you have planned for the day.


Whether you work from home full-time or on a part-time basis, they key to ensuring that you stay productive is by staying focussed. Keep the same mind set as you would at work, if you see it as a day to not do anything, you’re already starting the wrong way. If you’re still struggling at this stage, imagine your boss is at home with you, this will certainly give you the motivation.


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