On occasions there could be two candidates that you have interviewed that tick all the boxes but you may only have one role to fill. It is difficult to choose when you have two candidates who have completed the interview stage well and both look great on paper. So what should you be looking for when choosing between two great candidates? Reedglobal.com has a few suggestions as to what to consider:



It has always been obvious that a candidate with more experience is more employable though on most occasions the two applicants will be at a similar level. The thing to consider is which candidate will provide more in the current situation of the organisation. One candidate may have all the skills required for the demands of the role, yet the other may have experience in the areas you are looking to develop. Remember; don’t rule out someone who may come from a different industry who could bring value due to their fresh outlook on the organisation. Ask yourself, do you want someone who knows the job inside out but will get bored quickly or do you want someone who may not have as much experience but are ready for the next step up.


Who wants it more?

Another thing to consider is how much the candidate wants the role on offer. Do they simply need a new job or does the role on offer portray their ideal position. A candidate who wants to work in this specific field and for your company could bring you a long term employee, though if they are only looking for a stopgap role; it is more likely that they will move on as soon as something else catches their attention.



A potential candidate’s skill set will always be important as to whether they get a position, but employers also take the softer skills into account. If a new employee has strong interpersonal skills and gets on well with yourself and others in the team, they will be able to hit the ground running and be easier to transition into their new role. The candidates cultural fit should be considered alongside their skill set as they will be working closely with yourself and your team, you have to like them and be able to get on with them on a day-to-day basis.



If you are still having trouble choosing between two candidates, it may be worth seeing what else they can bring to the table. Do they have a strong client or customer base, or do they have established relationships that could benefit the company? These are the key things to consider, and could give you your final decision.


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