Christmas and the festive period is a great time of year. Mulled wine, mince pies, fresh, crisp air, children all really excited that Father Christmas is going to visit them. It’s difficult not to get caught up in all the excitement and to lose track of what you are supposed to be doing at work.

To keep motivated and focused, here are some tips which will help you get through and still remain focused at home and at work.

  1. Plan ahead. This is so important if you have a lot of family plus a busy job. Going to work, hitting your targets then getting home to a house which needs decorating and presents buying and wrapping. Not to mention buying the Christmas meal, visiting relatives and friends, making the school play costumes…So many things, such little time! Start by making lists of things which you need to do at work and at home. This gives you a nice visualisation of what really needs to be done, which ones are the most important and tasks which can be grouped together. Next, give these ‘to-do’s a timeframe- write them in your diary, put them on a calendar- anything which allows you to manage these things effectively. Once you have done this, you can then start to tick them off. As you start to see your list getting less, you will achieve a sense of accomplishment and take away some stress you may have been feeling.
  2. Have fun in the office. Christmas parties, Secret Santa, Christmas Jumper Day and decorations in the office. This will give a more relaxed atmosphere and relieve some pressure of the job. However, keep in mind that tasks must still be done- doing some of point 1 will also help keep you on top of everything.
  3. Don’t get too distracted! The above point is important, but it can be too easy to get caught up with how many fairy lights in the office needs and where to put them. Shall we hang baubles from all the lights? This will hinder productivity and can have long term effects (such as missing that important deadline!). Being away from your desk to fix the Santa hat on the inflatable reindeer won’t make much of an impression to your manager.
  4. Start thinking ahead. If work drops off a bit in December, it could be the perfect time start thinking of new projects, update processes and improving efficiency in how you work. This will really help you in the New Year and will impress your manager.

And remember… if you do have a Christmas party, don’t overdo it. You may have some Dutch courage from the mulled wine, prosecco and cheese on sticks but talking about salary or anything else related will not impress. Keep professional, don’t drink too much; but most of all have fun! Merry Christmas!

We will be closed from 23rd December 4pm until January 4th 2016. If you need to contact us, email or in an emergency, call the 24 hour number- 01743 352222.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!