Do Tailor your CV.  When applying for multiple jobs online take the time to send a tailored CV to each job ad.  For example at the top of your CV you may write something like “experienced accountant” but don’t do this if you are applying for unrelated roles such as telesales or receptionist.

Don’t copy and paste from the job ad into your CV.  CV Writing expert Meg Murphy says “Tweak your profile first and add some key words used in the job description”. For example you may list your key skills in your CV, which is encouraged but use your own words.  If the job ad says “looking for a team player” and you feel you are a team player then you could write “experienced working in large teams”.

Do back up your claims.  If you list “excellent time management skills” in a skills summary then try to put a corresponding bullet under one of your prior work experiences.  For example if you previously worked at a busy office you could list “responsible for delegating priority workloads”.

Don’t use a chronological style format if you have had long break in your career.  Instead of filling the bulk of your CV with your career history fill it with key skills and experiences.

Do grab the attention of the reader at the beginning of your CV with a short and snappy personal statement.  A professional example of a powerful CV summary is:

“A creative and results focused online marketing professional and dedicated project manager, skilled in delivering innovative online marketing solutions for multiple industries around the world”.

Don’t forget to proof read and keep things concise and informative because no one likes to read a 6 page CV! Our expert Meg Murphy advises her clients that hiring managers look for relevant experiences or qualifications to the job they are applying for as well as key achievements .  For example if you are applying for a sales role ensure you highlight your sales experience rather than take up too much space stating irrelevant skills.

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